Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Greetings from Charlotte,   The big news this week has been the severe weather—some of the worst in decades—in the central part of the United States—tornados, floods, and drought further to the west. Here in Charlotte, we are getting back to a normal schedule after the Council of Elders meetings that occupied most of last week. This […]

Greetings from Charlotte, This has been another busy week. On Monday, ten Living University students were awarded certificates and degrees at the 3rd annual LU Graduation. The audience heard a stirring commencement address by Mr. Meredith about “Daring to be Different” and some very thoughtful comments by Mr. Tony Leman, a new graduate from New […]

Hello Everyone! Sorry to be posting this so late. I hope you all are truly resting…more on that in the video. Enjoy, and have a great Sabbath! With Much Love, Phil West

Greetings from Charlotte, It is good to be home in Charlotte after a very profitable trip to the UK for visits and a Regional Ministerial Conference. It is very inspiring to see the dedication of God’s people and the excitement and appreciation in the eyes of new people coming into contact with God’s Truth and […]

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had an outstanding week. It was a very productive week here. Thank God for the Sabbath day! I forgot to mention in the video that we are planning to have two more baptisms in the Chicago area this Sunday! Please pray for them as well as several others in the […]