Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Greetings from Charlotte, With the tragic shootings in “peaceful” Norway and the mounting financial problems in Europe and America, prophetically significant events continue to unfold as the world hurtles towards the climax of this age. This week in Charlotte, Mr. Meredith held a number of meetings and also recorded his sermon for the Last Great […]

Happy Sabbath to All! We are enjoying our time in Kansas City and have been able to visit brethren from the area today that we have not seen in a long time! We appreciate all of your prayers for us and we pray always for you all, too. Have a wonderful and profitable Sabbath! With […]

Greetings from Charlotte, It is good to be back home in Charlotte! The trip to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa was very profitable. The response to the Tomorrow’s World Special Presentations was beyond our expectations and the attendance for most of the follow-up presentations has been encouraging. It was also very inspiring to see […]

Services in Chicago are canceled for today. Last night’s historic rainfall has caused flooding, a flash flood warning and power outages in the area making it dangerous to travel. Our meeting place is also without power.

Happy Sabbath to All! I hope you all had a great week. We had a great week here in Sussex. God is working in the area in a wonderful way with much fruit being born from the recent TWSP’s. Please pray for all of our new members…more thoughts on this in the video! Have a […]