Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Greetings from Charlotte, This is a short week for those of us in the United States since the annual holiday of Thanksgiving occurs on Thursday. We all certainly have much to be thankful for—especially the incredible privilege of being called at this time to understand God’s precious Truth. While Americans are focused on Thanksgiving celebrations, […]

Happy Sabbath to All! I hope everyone enjoyed the special opportunity to thank God for His manifold blessings…I love that word “manifold.” It simply means “many and varied; of many kinds; multiple.” This certainly describes the blessings of God; He is the One who provides “every good and every perfect gift!” Nothing too profound in […]

Greetings from Charlotte, While America focuses on pre-election dramas, events of prophetic significance continue to develop in the bubbling crucible of Europe. This week in Charlotte, Mr. Meredith directed very profitable Council of Elders meetings from Monday to Wednesday. It was encouraging to hear the positive reports from various parts of the world where the […]

Sabbath Greetings to All! I hope you had a fantastic week. We did here in Sussex. What a great time to be alive. Many of us will live to see the return of Jesus Christ to the earth…is that not just a little mind-boggling? We are nearing the end of our race – some are […]

Greetings from Charlotte, Severe weather continues to batter parts of the globe—an “epic” storm is pounding coastal Alaska and flood damage continues in Thailand and Northern India. In Europe, the financial crisis threatens to alter the make-up of the eurozone and “unravel” what has been built up over the last six decades—significant changes appear to […]