Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Greetings from Charlotte, World events continue to jolt the senses! News reports detail the abuse of children in the UK, a deadly disease epidemic and the kidnapping of hundreds of girls in Africa, Russian invasions in Eastern Europe, civil wars and brutal killings in the Middle East and dangerous military maneuvers in the South China […]

Sabbath Greetings to All! I hope you all had a marvelous week. Ours was great; busy, but great. We look forward to seeing the Peoria brethren this Sabbath and many brethren here locally for the Milwaukee picnic on Sunday. Have a great Sabbath! To quote Journey: “Don’t stop believin’!” With Much Love, Phil West

Dear brethren, This week the world was shocked by the brutal killing of a captured American reporter by ISIS radicals. What a horrific world we live in! As God’s people, we pray “Thy Kingdom come!” and yearn for the time when men will no longer behave like ravenous beasts. What an exciting opportunity when we, […]

Sabbath Greetings to All! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I have been enjoying the warmer weather immensely! It was very rewarding to turn the a/c on for the first time this season! I think I will let the video do the talking this week. Have a truly “satisfying” Sabbath wherever you plan […]

The World Ahead Weekly Update — August 14, 2014   Greetings from Charlotte, Weather-related catastrophes are again making news in various parts of the globe, including torrential rains that caused heavy flooding in Detroit, Baltimore and Long Island—while in the turbulent Middle East, humanitarian tragedies continue to unfold. Dr. Meredith has returned to Charlotte from […]