Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Sabbath Greetings to All! I hope you all had a productive week. I was hoping to have a much more productive week, but my sinuses have done about everything they can to prevent that! Otherwise, all is well here in Sussex. The video is brief tonight. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining – […]

Sabbath Greetings to All! I hope you all have had a tremendous week. It is foggy out there at the time of this writing. It was a very fine week here in Sussex after a wonderful, but too brief, trip to NYC. I didn’t mention it in the video (too many other things on my […]

Sabbath Greetings from NYC! I hope you all have had a fantastic week. We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the McDonald’s! It has been wildly encouraging to see how God has been attending to their every need! I would love for all of you to be here sharing this time with us! I hope […]

Sabbath Greetings to All! I hope you have all had a profitable week. We have had an especially short week here since returning from KC on Tuesday evening. Even with the short week, we greatly anticipate the Sabbath and all the blessing associated with it! I hope you all have a fantastic Sabbath! With Much […]