Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Sabbath Greetings 03/24/18….Thoughts on Proverbs 29


Sabbath Greetings to All!

I hope you all have had a wonderful and productive week as we get closer and closer to Passover! We are already less than a week away! We all should be smack dab in the middle of self-examination and contemplation before Passover. It is a very humbling, but incredibly encouraging time as we consider our own weaknesses while being reminded of the strength and power of our Savior, Jesus Christ! I hope this has been a life-changing process for you this year.

We are sadly only a few weeks away from our move to Arkansas, which makes things a little crazy around here. If I haven’t told you all lately, then let me do it now – I love you all and can’t begin to explain how much I will miss you all! Okay, enough of that….have a truly inspiring and restful Sabbath!

With Much Love,

Phil West

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